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What are the different types of LED profiles?

Led profiles, also known as LED channels, LED aluminum profiles, and LED strip profiles, are excellent lighting materials widely used in various industries, including architecture, interior design, and furniture manufacturing.  

LED strip profiles typically consist of aluminum channels and LED light diffusers with various shapes and sizes. These profiles are then cut to the appropriate length and prepared for installation. LED strip profiles serve the purpose of holding and protecting LED strips while improving the overall heat dissipation of the LED lights. 

LED channels have gained popularity in recent years due to their versatility and aesthetic appeal. They find application in a wide variety of uses such as under-cabinet lighting, accent lighting, and architectural lighting. LED profiles can also be utilized to create custom lighting fixtures or provide backlighting for signage.                                                                    

LED aluminum profiles come in various types in the market, differing in shape, size, material, and usage. Let TANGOO’s LED profiles be your guide and provide you with a general idea of the different types of LED channels.

Cabinet LED Profile

Our Cabinet LED strip profiles are slim-type LED channels for surface mounting or recessing. They have different appearances like  U shapes, corner shapes, or other shapes. With the aid recessed structure or adhesive tapes, these led channels can be securely attached to cabinets, shelves, or other places.

Surface LED Profile

Surface LED strip profiles are often referred to as surface-mounted led channels, are versatile extruded aluminum profiles designed for easy installation onto any desired surface. With the aid of mounting brackets or adhesive tapes, these led channels can be securely attached to walls, ceilings, or other surfaces.

Recessed LED Profile

Recessed LED aluminum profiles are led aluminum housing designed with edges to be installed within a groove or cavity. The aluminum housing is installed within a groove, leaving only the light diffuser visible. These edge designs provide additional decorative and aesthetic elements to the led profiles, enhancing their visual appeal within a space. They often come with end caps to protect LEDs.

Suspended LED Profile

Suspended LED aluminum profiles are LED channels designed specifically for being suspended from the ceiling or other overhead surfaces.  The profile features a channel that facilitates hanging from a mounting surface. Suspended LED profile channels are often accompanied by accessories such as end caps, suspended fittings, and diffusers. These accessories help enhance the light output and protect the LED strips.

Wall Mount LED Profile

Wall-mounted LED aluminum profiles are designed for use in interior design. They are installed on the wall for up lighting or both up and down vertical lighting, creating aesthetic and functional lighting effects. These wall-mount profiles are primarily used in residential and commercial lighting applications. They are made with corresponding accessories like end caps and holding brackets for easy installation.

Plaster In LED Profile

Plaster-in LED profiles are architectural lighting fixtures designed for recessed installation in plasterboard or drywall ceilings or walls. These aluminum LED channels are specifically designed to be embedded or mounted into a pre-cut groove in the plasterboard, allowing for seamless integration of the LED strip lighting into the surrounding surface.

LED Tube Profile

LED tube profiles are aluminum extrusions featuring semi-circular plastic strip light diffusers, or extruded aluminum bars coupled with PC or PMMA tubes of various diameters such as 30mm, 40mm, and 50mm. LED tube profiles are outfitted with circular metal end caps and suspension kits, primarily used for pendant lighting, enabling a 360-degree beam angle.

LED Skirting Profile

LED skirting profiles are typically LED aluminum profiles designed to incorporate LED lighting into skirting boards or baseboards. LED skirting profiles are designed to integrate LED strips or modules into the skirting board, providing both functional and decorative lighting effects. Led skirting profiles are available in various sizes, shapes, and finishes to suit various requirements and design preferences.

Step and Stair Profile

Led step lighting profiles, or LED stair nosing profiles are lighting solutions for LED illumination of steps and staircases. These profiles integrate LED light sources, such as LED strips or modules, along the edges or undersides of the steps. This setup creates an aesthetically pleasant lighting effect and enhances safety and visibility in stairway areas. Check out TANGOO’s stair profiles and discover something useful for your projects.

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Having some ideas in your mind about the lighting project, but without design ability. Our experts are ready to present you the unique designed LED profile after collecting the ideas from your side. 

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Customized LED Profile Service for Your Specific Needs

Aluminum channel customization

LED Channel Customization

Customized colors

Add choice of colors to your led strip l profile design! Our LED aluminum profiles can be customized in various colors,  from common black and white to unique color preferred by our customers. Whatever color you need, we can fulfill it. 

LED Profile Channel

Customized shapes

Create your unique lighting designs with our LED aluminum profile customization service. We offer various shapes of aluminum channels and LED strip diffusers, allowing you to customize your linear light products. Whether you want elegant curves or sleek angles, our range of customized shapes can help you achieve the purpose.

Aluminum Profile Color

Customized lengths

The LED aluminum profiles always come in standard length for most manufacturers. But lighting projects various and requires different lengths. We make lots of longer piece aluminum channels and any customized length for customers to get the right size for the projects.

LED strip diffuser customization

PMMA LED Strip Light Diffuser

Micro prismatic led strip diffuser

Available in PC or PMMA materials, with anti-glare properties UGR<19.  Enhance visual comfort and create a pleasant lighting environment. We can make any customized micro prismatic led light diffusers.

flexible LED strip light diffuser

PC PMMA led strip diffuser

Our factory offers two options for led light diffusers, crafted with top-quality PC and PMMA materials. Choose between PC or PMMA to achieve the perfect balance of durability, light diffusion, and aesthetic appeal for your lighting needs.

mirco prismatic led strip diffuser

Flexible led strip diffuser

Flexible led light diffuser is made of bendable and highly malleable plastic material. The flexible led strip diffuser can be produced with unlimited length and can be rolled up. It can achieve a seamless lighting effect for long piece of linear light.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions about our LED profiles here for your convenience, but please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

LED Aluminum Profile, is an extruded aluminum channel with a strip light diffuser for LED strips to help heat dispassion. The aluminum profile installed with an LED strip makes it a profile light for offices, stores, residential, commercial, and lighting designs. It’s easy and safe to install.

There are surface-mounted, recessed, pendant LED profiles from the installation ways. From shapes, there are square shapes, U shape with flaps, corners, and round shapes available for different applications.

The LED profile can be used as a heat sink for LED strips. Led Profiles can be used to decorate lighting fixtures for Led lighting shapes into various curved forms and bright colors.

First, you need to measure the length of the aluminum LED channel you need for your project, then cut the LED channel into the length. Next, wiring LED strips and testing. Then, mount the aluminum profile, and paste the LED strips inside the aluminum profile. Last,  install end caps and a light diffuser.

Most LED profiles are not waterproof. However, there are types of LED profiles designed with waterproof structures. They are assembled with waterproof strip light diffusers and silicone seamless joint caps at the end. They have good waterproof performance and can be used in both dry and wet conditions.

Surface-mounted LED profiles are the most common type of LED profile. They come with mounting clips, and end caps, and are easy to install. As general-purpose lighting, surface-mounted LED profiles can be fixed on various surfaces.

For a big-size aluminum LED channel, we recommend using a professional saw with a Non-Ferrous Carbide blade to cut the aluminum profile and cover together. For a slim LED channel or personal use, we suggest using a hand-cutting saw to cut the aluminum channel. 

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