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How to Cut LED Aluminum Profiles In Proper Length?

How to cut led aluminum profiles into proper length

The steps of how to cut led aluminum profiles in proper length

How to cut LED aluminum profiles is an important thing that every user has to consider. Aluminum LED profiles are normally made into 2m, 2.5m, and 3m lengths, sometimes they could be made as long as 6m length per piece. But for real project use, the length of an LED aluminum profile needs to be adjusted by a cutting machine or a saw. The LED profile cutting is not an easy job. There are some tips we have to share with you that we got from our experiences.

Measure the length of the groove or the surface

Measure the length of the groove or the surface where you are going to install the LED aluminum profile. And keep in mind that the LED aluminum profile should be a few millimeters shorter than the groove.

Measure and make cutting marks on the LED aluminum profiles

How long you are going to keep the LED Aluminum profile for installation? Measure it and make a mark on the profile. You will avoid any cutting mistakes by doing this step. You also should put the plastic cover into the aluminum profile to make sure the two parts are cut at the same length.

Secure the LED aluminum profiles

Use clamps to secure the LED aluminum profiles firmly in place. This will prevent it from moving or wobbling during the cutting process, ensuring a clean and accurate cut.

Choose the proper cutting machine

Manual Hand Saw: For home and project users, a hand saw would be a better choice as it needs cutting at the scene. You can choose a fine-toothed saw blade suitable for cutting metal,  position the saw blade on the mark, and cut through the profile steadily.

Miter Saw or Circular Saw: LED aluminum profile suppliers or other big professional lighting companies have professional miter saws or circular saws for cutting aluminum profiles, these are for faster and more efficient cutting. The saw blade can be set to an appropriate angle for angle or straight cutting. Such Saws are good choices for large-volume cutting use.

Smooth the cutting edges

Once the LED aluminum profile cut is complete, use a file or sandpaper to smooth any rough edges or burrs left from the cutting process. This will ensure a clean and safe finish for handling the aluminum profiles.

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