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Led Profile Lighting Catergories

surface mount led profile

Surface LED Profile

Surface led profiles are the most common led channels that can be used in almost any area and projects of commercial, industrial and residential. They are the general profile lighting products.

recessed led profile

Recessed LED Profile

Recessed led profiles are designed with edges which can be recessed into the ceilings or any grooves to create a flush look with the light appearing fully integrated into its surrounding.

Suspended led profile

Suspended LED Profile

Suspended LED profiles are hung from the ceiling or another overhead structure by chains. They provide both illumination and aesthetic appearance in various indoor and or outdoor settings.

plaster in led profile

Plaster in LED Profile

Plaster in profiles are typically recessed in drywall, and wall ceilings to highlight architectural elements. They are integrated seamlessly into the surrounding surface to create a sleek architectural appearance.

Wall mount LED Profile

Wall Mount LED Profile

Wall-mount LED profiles are designed for wall-up lighting or both up and down vertical lighting. This LED profile is wall-fixed by mounting clips and provides an accent lighting solution.

LED tube profile

LED Tube Profile

Round tube profies are 360 degree shaped strip light fixture. They are aluminum extrusions with curved or 360 degree strip light diffusers. These profiles are pendant design styles for interior applications.

LED skirting profile

LED Skirting Profile

Led skirting profile are designed to be installed at the base or skirting of walls in door spaces. They provide both functional and decorative lighting along the lower perimeter of a room or along the floor.

LED Stair Profile

Step and Stair Profile

These profiles are made for use in staircases or steps to provide illumination and enhance the safety or aesthetic. Any applications like residential,commercial, can be applied with these led profiles.

LED Profile Manufacturing

TANGOO is a professional LED lighting manufacturer in China. We offer all kinds of LED profiles for your choice. We have a professional team researching and producing new products with high-quality guaranteed. It’s our pleasure to provide you with excellent products at competitive prices with good services.

LED Alu Profiles


We bring creative linear light

With exceptional optical structure, delivering glare-free illumination while bringing efficient lighting. 

Why Choose TANGOO

China LED Aluminum Channel Manufacturer

LED Profile Design

Having been engaged in LED profile lighting industry for over 10 years, our team has the software, expertise, and experience to innovate new LED aluminum channels every year.  Different from other designers, our experts possess comprehensive ideas of LED channel design, the basic is to make the led channel achieve efficient lighting or a purpose lighting effect, improving the product structures be more precise and easy to install for the lighting projects. In addition, our experts also look into the appearance and multiply color choices beyond white and black. Always providing the best-designed LED channel is our experts’ mission. Our designed led aluminum channels are certificated with patents, which is the best illustration of our design capabilities. For customized LED aluminum channels, we can provide multiple options to make their vision into reality. We’ve got many ways to accomplish our customer’s goals, and there is always a right way for you.

Linear Light Manufacturing

As a professional LED lighting company, we specialize not only in designing LED profiles, but also in making LED linear lights. Our team has been focused on researching and developing a new type of linear light that provides the most efficient and glare-free illumination, especially with the most excellent UGR value. After years of effort and improvement, we have finally developed the perfect optical linear light. This creative linear light is particularly suitable for office, commercial and industrial lighting applications, as it provides efficient lighting while minimizing negative impacts on the surrounding environment. With our optical anti-glare linear light, we are proud to offer a truly green lighting solution that meets the needs of both people and the planet. In addition to our innovative linear light, we also pride ourselves on offering other great linear products. Our team of experienced designers and engineers can help you choose the perfect lighting solution for your space.

invisible light linear L7826

Our Team





Mr. Shong is the CEO of the company. He has extensive experience in the lighting industry, and his commitment to the research and development of new technologies has laid the foundation for the company’s success.




Mr Ken is our excellent designer with over 20 years experiences in lighting field. His outstanding expertise is the optical LED light designs. And he has achieved the most significant achievements in optical linear lights.




Jasper, a very smart young man, serves as Mr. Ken’s assistant, primarily focusing on the design of LED profiles and linear lights. Furthermore, Jasper has gained appreciation for his  exceptionally successful design works.




Ms Sophie is our sales manager with 10 years of experience in the trade business. She is ready to assist you in selecting the appropriate LED lighting products and advancing related job.

LED Profile Lighting Knowledge

TANGOO’s LED profile lighting products have been used in many projects in a variety of sectors, including residential, commercial, municipal, and entertainment.

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