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How to Buy LED Aluminum Channel from China?

Buy LED Aluminum Channel from China

China is the leading factory worldwide. Thousands of goods are made in China. LED lighting products are one of thousands of China-made commodities. Many countries buy LED aluminum channels from China. TANGOO is one of the leading LED channel manufacturers in China, we have a wide range of LED aluminum channels for you to choose from. Let’s briefly introduce our LED aluminum channels to give you a general idea of different types of LED channels. After a general introduction to our LED aluminum profiles, you may have an idea of what kinds of LED profiles you are going to buy. But there are some small tips we can share with you before buying LED aluminum profiles.

Find a manufacturer of LED Aluminum Channels from the Chinese market.

China is a big market, thousands of LED aluminum channel suppliers are doing business here. For a beginner, it’s difficult to tell which one is the best supplier or who is the real manufacturer. For a starter, he may buy LED aluminum channels from a middleman or trading company. It may be good at the beginning because they provide good services. However, it is conducive for the long-term development of the company to work with a real LED channel manufacturer. With the aggravation of market competition, the price is gradually decreasing. Buying directly from the LED aluminum profile manufacturer is the best choice. Doing this can avoid paying a large amount of commission to the trading company. 

  • How to find LED aluminum channel manufacturers

First, you can attend the lighting exhibitions that are held in Asia every year. Like the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair and Guangzhou International Lighting Fair. In such exhibitions, you will find large numbers of aluminum LED profile suppliers from China mainland.  Second, searching from the web. You can use Google to search for your target goal by using the exact keywords: LED aluminum profile manufacturer, or LED profile supplier China. You will find some most famous suppliers in China. Send them inquiries after checking their websites and information. This is the fastest way to get connected with a Chinese LED profile supplier.

  • Identify the LED aluminum channel manufacturers

After you get the contact information of the LED aluminum channel manufacturers, it’s time to talk to them and begin the factory inspection. Ask them for a video of their factory to check how they produce the products or ask for a factory tour if possible. A real manufacturer will not reject such requests.

  • Find a proper LED aluminum channel profile supplier

Make a name list of the potential LED channel manufacturers that you select from the web. Compare the suppliers with each other, the quality, designs, lead time, and prices. Also, survey your local market selling prices and figure out how much profit you can get. By doing this, you will find the best supplier for your company.  

Samples checking

For most buyers, sample checking is inevitable before placing orders. By placing a sample order, you will know the whole process of doing business with this supplier. This step will help to avoid mistakes in bulk orders. Also, you can take the chance to ask the supplier to adjust the products if something does not meet your requirements.

Mass production

After checking the samples, it’s time to decide to place the orders. For the first-time production, the buyers still have to pay attention to the following issues.

Firstly, the buyers should make a proper order quantity and keep in communication with the LED aluminum channel manufacturer. Effective communication with the manufacturer helps to establish realistic production goals, ensure efficient workflow, and avoid any delays.

Secondly, the buyers should ask the manufacturers to make a contract and write down the detailed raw materials that will be used to make LED aluminum channels, and other related things like surface colors, lengths, etc. The mass products should be the same quality as the samples confirmed. Just to make sure that all the materials meet the required standards for strength, durability, and aesthetic appearance.

Thirdly, ask for a sample checking from mass production if possible. This is a highly recommended step, this is the final step that could avoid any mistakes.  


Making a safe payment is important in international business. China companies always have bank accounts with their company name. Also, many companies have offshore bank accounts in Hong Kong. But no company will provide a personal account for US DOLLARS. Always remember this in mind and check this every time you make the payment.


The shipping method is one of the things you need to consider before placing an order. You have to find a way to ship the goods to your warehouse. There are three different ways of international goods shipping.

  • Express like DHL/USP/FEDEX

Express is the fastest way to deliver goods, the goods can be delivered to any place in the world within 7 days. This shipping way is for urgent goods and with a small volume. This is the most expensive way of shipping but not a good choice for bulk orders.

  • By air

By air is also a fast way to deliver goods. The price is lower than express. You can get the goods within 7- 10 days. But still not a good choice for bulk orders.

  • By sea

By sea is the most economical way to deliver goods between international business. And it is chosen mostly, it takes weeks or months from China to your country.


TANGOO is an LED profile manufacturer in China. We can help you with anything from LED profile manufacturing, and designing, to LED aluminum profile application ideas, and other related services like shipping. Welcome to contact us if there are any questions.

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