Recessed Wide LED Profile R10035

Recessed Wide LED Profile R10035

SKU: R10035
  • Aluminum color: Silvery/Black/White
  • Diffuser: Opal
  • Length: 2.5M/Customized
  • Accessory: End cap, Recessed Buckle


This recessed wide LED profile is completed with metal end caps and recessed buckles. It’s suitable for any interior application where an integrated lighting design is requested. This kind of recessed LED profile can be installed into pre-cut ceilings or walls. It’s available for residential, commercial, and retail display lighting. TANGOO’s LED Profiles are available in colors and lengths.
Item No. TG-R10035
Material  Alu 6063-T5
Surface treatment  Anodized/Painted
Diffuser material PC
Apply To Indoor application
MOQ 100Meter/Item
Warranty 3 years
Certification CE, RoHS

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