LED Circular Aluminium Profiles C10080

LED Circular Aluminium Profiles C10080

SKU: TG-C10080

Size: 100x80mm

Colors: Black/white/customized

Light direction: up, down

Diameter: 400mm/600mm/1000mm/3000mm/customized




LED circular aluminium profiles can be customized into two different light-emitting directions: upwards or downwards. They are configured with plastic light diffusers, couplers, and suspension cables. The profile finished colors can be black, white, or other custom colors. We can also provide LED circular strips to make a finished light for this circular profile. The diameters of finished circular aluminium profile lights are available in 400mm, 500mm, 800mm, 1200mm, 3000mm, etc.
Item No. TG-C10080
Material Alu 6063-T5
Surface treatment Powder coating
Light diffuser Plastic light cover
Accessories Couplers, suspension wires
Components LED strips and drivers are sold separately
Applications Office, home, shopping malls, etc.
Warranty  3 years

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